Partnership Post en Dekker and Addit

Post and Dekker Engineers & Consultants from Amsterdam and Addit Sheet Metal & Contract Manufacturing in Venlo, are joining forces from 1 October.

Post and Dekker gains direct access to the production and assembly capacity of the Addit. Conversely, Post and Dekker’s in-depth design and manufacturability competencies offer Addit the opportunity to support the customer even better in translating the product design into a functionally good product that can be manufactured cost-efficiently, high-mix low volume. Said the two directors in conversation about the reason for their collaboration.

‘Some customers’, Erwin Streefland, illustrates ‘designing with very tiny tolerances , but often for no good reason. This makes products unnecessarily expensive. Or the design contains many different fasteners, which is difficult during assembly. It also happens that the products are designed in such a way that it is hardly accessible for assembly work together with Post and Dekker, we can solve these types of problems early in a structured way, DFA (design for assembly). Together with P+D we can take the design from build-to-print to build-to-specification.”


‘With this collaboration’, Eric-Jan Dekker adds, ‘both Addit and we can broaden our product portfolio. Customers often demand not only a good, manufacturable product design from us, but also a well-equipped, efficient supply chain to start manufacturing that product in series. With Addit we get this capacity in-house that we can offer our customers seamlessly.”

Addit recently invested in the digitization of its production processes and data management. Last summer Addit invested in an LVD-Easy-Form and Welding cobots. for lean ‘Smart Factory 4.0′ Dekker: Many companies in the high-tech segment, want to receive digital documentation as evidence that there products has been  produced correct and according specifications, which we  can do that with a well-digitized partner like Addit.’

Wider offer in more markets

Both companies already achieve the necessary turnover in the semicon market, while Post en Dekker has built up a solid position in pharmaceuticals and food and Addit in med-tech. “Together, we can offer a wider range of products in a wider range of markets,” Streefland explains. In addition, for Post and Dekker, the new partnership offers the opportunity to ‘internationalise’. Dekker: ‘Addit is already very active across the border.

Together with them, we can now enter the German market more easily – to begin with.

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