Our Mission, Vision and Strategy

Within our organisation it is all about your organisational goals.


Through excellent project management, Addit relieves its clients in the creation of products, which strengthens the customer’s market position!

By collaborating with Addit, customers are able to introduce new products to the market faster and, partly by realising the lowest total cost of ownership, to strengthen their competitive position.

Addit invests sustainably in the quality and speed of its internal organisation by developing the right knowledge and capacity of employees, processes and systems. Our culture is characterised by involvement, passion, personal development and appreciation.


Making a positive contribution to improving the economic and social well-being of all stakeholders involved through international cooperation and a perfect business organisation.

Addit develops and produces high-quality (composite) sheet metal products and assembles (sub)modules, (special) machines and equipment for its customers. By combining its own development and manufacturing competencies with a worldwide network of suppliers and (knowledge) partners, Addit always provides tailor-made advice.


Our strategy is to increase our commitment to products and client needs, to provide products and a wide range of services that meet 100% expectations and thus guarantee client satisfaction.

In order to achieve this, we will focus on the following activities in the coming period:

  • Renewal, improvement and maintenance of IT network infrastructure;
  • Investments in Product Life Cycle Services (PLS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which greatly improve the efficiency of our business functions, significantly reduce waste and achieve a shorter time to market;
  • Integrating Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) within business processes to increase response speed and flexibility, drastically reducing lead time;
  • Investments in our machinery for efficiency, sustainability, quality and cost reduction;
  • Investments in competencies, knowledge and skills of personnel, Hard and Soft skills through E-Learning;
  • Renewal and improvement of quality management systems (ISO) to the most recent standards in order to be able to operate more effectively and efficiently as an organisation and to manage risks more adequately.

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