Globalization, Human rights & Environment

Payments on time

Within Addit, norms and values ​​are in our DNA, so we conform to the European Parliament and Council Directive 2011/7/ EU of 16 February 2011 for combating late payment in commercial transactions.

Globalization & Human Rights

“The world is flat” (Friedman).

Never before has globalization had such a major impact on the economy and human rights. We respect human rights as described in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In January 2011, Addit became a member of the United Nations Global Compact. The Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate social responsibility and sustainable development initiative. The Global Compact is an appeal to the business to business in its 10 basic principles of human rights, labor rights, environment and anti-corruption and the promotion of social responsibility (CSR). More than 13,500 members from more than 170 countries have joined the Global Compact initiative.

Together with our suppliers, we act in the spirit of this statement which makes the collaboration between Addit Sp. z o.o. and Addit BV so unique.


From the moment Addit starts your project, we advise you on quality and environmental issues.

Addit’s involvement in design and engineering ensures the greatest efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Addit’s processes and services comply with documented quality and environmental management systems and adhere to the principles of sustainable development.

Both Addit Sp. z o.o. as well as Addit BV are in possession of the ISO 14001 certificate

Addit Sp. z o.o. also implemented the ISO 45001 health and safety management system in 2021 and connected these systems to an integrated management system. In addition, Addit Sp. z o.o. as well as the welding certification for rail DIN EN 15085-2 class CL1.
Certification for the medical and defence industry is in process.
Every employee feels responsible for quality, environment and safety.

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